EJTP did a bit less barrelling forward toward the merge window - just a little forward progress on a few bugs. Most of my administrative effort has been setting up for the next month’s worth of cool features. I’ve also been plotting out the timetable for development, and doing a bit of work on other parts of the RI project. I probably could have done more, if it wasn’t for school, and being sick, but you gotta roll with what life gives ya.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, EJTP v0.9.2 is released!


I’m merging the dev branch into stable tonight, and incrementing the version number appropriately. Other than that, not a lot has changed since the last update. Zlib compression will not make it into this release, as that bug needs a bit more fiddling and attention before it’s ready to ship.

Immediately after release, I’m going to start adding FreedomSponsors bounties to every issue in the 0.9.3 milestone, including the ones I’ll be breaking out for the Massive Unittest Rewrite Project, or MURP (I love 4-letter acronyms, for some reason). I’m figuring that with the right bounties and parallelization of effort, we should have that done by about February 15, which leaves us with the other half of the month to work in earnest on features.

If all goes according to schedule, v0.9.3 will release on March 1.


A lesser-known library of mine, which uses ejtp.crypto to store JSON-compatible objects in an encrypted key-value store, with various available backends (the most notable is a Redis backend that’s still in development). It was broken a bit by EJTP upgrading, but will merge in the patches and increment the version as part of my little night of administrative toil.


I’m going to set up the Kademlia-based bootstrap network on my own at some point during this month - or over the course of the whole thing. While I’m committed to using as vanilla a version of Kademlia as possible, I still don’t know how easy or difficult it will be to integrate into the DEJE reference implementation. We’ll see.

After that’s done, I’ll start adding bounties to issues, and announce that in a blog post. It really is the last (big) thing holding me back from bringing in paid development, and while it may take as long as the whole month, I’m hoping to be able to start a bit sooner than that.

This site

Big deal over here, we have a proper GNU Mediagoblin installation available on this server, which means you can store and access the same data from the clearnet and Hyperboria, seamlessly!

I’m going to add a link to this from the homepage directly, instead of just from the goodies page, and also update my contact info to include my newly set-up email address, philip@roaming-initiative.com.

Hardware design

While I haven’t published it yet, I’ve made some discoveries on how I can trim down the RITower to a much less expensive base platform, which can easily be extended through additional hardware. It can be assembled with only the following ingredients:

  • Shovel
  • 25 lb bag of concrete
  • Aluminum pole, any length > 4 meters, about as big around as a baseball
  • Electrical tape
  • Extension cord long enough to reach the top
  • Wire coat hanger(s)
  • OmniTIK UPA-5HnD outdoor wifi router

… which can then be easily and flexibly extended to use any combination of point-to-point wifi, gigabit ethernet via fiber or copper, RONJA, and backup battery power.

That’s it for tonight, folks

There’s a fair bit of work to do on this eve, and not half as much time to do it as I’d like. Have fun with the paid issues, and congratulations on helping to build the future.

… well, except for a final edit at 1 AM.

I’ve just finished adding bounties to issues in EJTP for tonight. Now I’m going to bed.