I haven’t been the focused, determined leader I should have been this month. I was pretty heavily sidetracked, and I’m not even sorry about it because that was time well-spent. Just… not spent administrating my RI-centric projects. That, combined with a relative dearth of freelance contribution, means that this is another light month.

God forbid, if this keeps up I may have to go outside.


This month, the only notable attraction is the new ejtp-identity utility, which allows you to easily manipulate your cache file(s) from the command line.

Sending someone your public key

For someone else to be able to talk to you over EJTP, they need your identity information. And of course, you don’t want to send your private key along with that. Exporting a “public” version of your identity is easy.

ejtp-identity details me@example.org -ep > me.pub

This uses the “export” and “public” flags to make a file that they can easily merge into their own cache, after you give them the me.pub file via email, scp, or flash drive.

ejtp-identity merge /path/to/my/cache < me.pub

Version 0.9.6 will include a fix for #66 and, quite probably, GPG import and export capabilities. #66 I can guarantee a fix for, since I’m going to do it myself, after watching it sit abandoned for months, even after raising the reward. Until my fix is finished, there is still time to finish your branch first and claim the reward! But if I get it done first, that reward goes away, obviously, so you’re racing against me. Probably not that hard, but hey.


Thanks to Iuri Silvio for his work on this month. I’m hoping to add more paid issues this month, since each one is a good entry point into the system, but I expect I’ll need to write all the bootstrapping code myself very soon, because no one else has the experience in DEJE to do it yet. While that’s not a forever situation, it’s definitely the right now situation.

I’m also no longer waiting on this before making a spit-and-duct-tape proof of concept of DJDNS. I’m hoping to have something working in not too long, as mostly a demo of the DNS side, since bootstrapping is a critical missing feature on the DEJE side.

Store and gateway

The Niknak spec overview is done, and it will be up to tdolsen to determine how we move forward in actually bringing that into reality. He’s going to be looking into the API spec over the next couple days, reading up on stuff like Flask, and building the basic framework for testing and construction based on existing RI projects. Huge shout-out to this guy.

General puppetization

There’s been a bit of progress converting my Mediagoblin installation system into a Puppet module, but it’s still a lot of work to go, and there are more important projects that are basically stalled on me right now, like EJTP and DEJE and DJDNS. My effort will primarily go into those, rather than the puppetization of Mediagoblin.