This will be another short update. I finally released EJTP 0.9.7, which is for the most part an incremental improvement on the previous version, but includes some crucial features for future DJDNS development (most obvious being ability to compare Identity objects for equality).

Just as importantly (and more user-facing) are the new script utilities designed around the DJDNS registry’s capacity for hosting EJTP identities. ejtp-identity download, or ejtp-identity dl for short, allows you to download identity data from the registry, which you can then add to your cache. ejtp-identity new-interactive is an interactive identity creation wizard, which walks you through the process of creating an Identity suitable for hosting in the DJDNS registry.

This release is available via PyPI as both a traditional package and a wheel. More information can be found in the release notes and the wiki.

Next, I plan to keep working on the wiki documentation a bit, and then finish up the DEJE protocol updates.