The other night, I stayed up late like an overachieving elf trying to earn Santa’s affection. I’d gotten it into my head that EJTP needed some proper branding, like all projects that get taken seriously. And I’ve actually done logos and branding for other peoples’ free software projects before, and even a few of my own, so why not one more project to stuff into that portfolio?

I think it turned out good.


Pictured above, so it’s a bit redundant to post it again. This fellow is Bluethulu, a younger god of data routing. I expect to do more and more pictures of him over time, fiddling with benchmarks and unit testing, and dressing up for Halloween (Ood in 2013, Star Wars Cantina Sax Guy in 2014). It’s a ton of work to draw him, but in a fun way that makes it seem worth it after a few hours of labor.

Symbolic stuff

Tentacles, for the way that data can route freely along any line and medium. Wings because the design is inspired by Cthulu.



Very simple Sans-based logo, in keeping with the style I use in my project branding. The E is a shade of green evoking the support relationship with RI and just the general peaceful goodwill I’d like to see in the world. The endpoints and some other proportions are based on a Sans E, but modified to loop like cables.

Symbolic stuff

Cables, the blue objects all have different shapes to represent different jacks. The colors ended up being used again for Bluethulu, for a nice little visual consistency thing.

Advantages of branding

  • It helps people take you seriously
  • It humanizes an abstract project and makes it friendly, much like a marketing nickname, but less icky and more fun
  • Recognizable logos are cool
  • Makes the Github README much less drab.

These are benefits that a lot of open source projects would appreciate. If your life is a lot better for the use of free and/or open source software, and you want to contribute back to the community, and don’t have any programming talent, this is one of the ways you can help! I’m a bit too busy these days to go looking for extra work, but one of my favorite projects I’ve ever taken on was asking on reddit if anyone needed a logo, and making logos for a bunch of random strangers in a marathon of Inkscape usage. I highly recommend that others try it too - maybe you’ll love it like I did, and artistically challenged developers around the world will love you.