You may need to remove your old subscription, and subscribe to the new feed. BUT! It should be the last time you ever have to do that, because now I actually understand the <id> param, instead of just relying on Hyde to build my feeds in a half-assed way.

Atom, but not RSS

Please note that I’m using the term ‘RSS’ colloquially. I’ve switched completely to Atom, and I’m not going back, because RSS itself is a comparatively silly format, and I don’t have the patience to write an RSS feed generator. Atom is the future of the past, today.

If your client does not support Atom - it is spectacularly old and missing vital features. Basically the Internet Explorer of feed readers. I’m not saying you should get a better one for me, but you probably should for you.

It’s also easier to get to

It’s in the sidebar and the <head> of every page. If you have an RSS/Atom plugin, it’ll detect the feed. If you have a larger-than-tiny screen, it’ll appear in the sidebar (which hides on small screens).

At some point I may change the sidebar behavior to show up at the end, instead of hiding, but I’m not expecting a ton of mobile feed traffic. If this is disagreeable to you, my email address in the footer. SEND ME YOUR HATE MAIL, I FEED ON YOUR TEARS. But I also sometimes take strongly worded advice. Never be afraid to berate me, because I do occasionally check that email, when it looks like it has something non-spam in it.