Today was a big step forward for the site. A couple, actually. It looks a lot better, it’s a lot closer to the final look, and it’s on Github now. Plus I have a well-defined gameplan for completing its basic functionality by the end of the month, which will free me up to start github projects for more useful pieces of RI’s open source tech suite, like Openswan configuration and payment processing integration.

One of the cool things about having the site on Github now is that I can, very easily, snapshot this moment in time regarding the progress of the site. Future readers, this is the commit. Ah, humble origins.

It all started with me deciding to do a pen-and-pad mockup of the site (I may very well scan and post that later), which went better and faster than I expected. And that provoked me to “at least” move the existing stuff over to Github. Which, in turn, gave me a fantastic workflow for developing locally on my laptop and deploying to the server, which led to me saying “screw it” and implementing a respectable degree of the site design today.

It’s much prettier but still relatively sparse. It’ll always be a lightweight site, in the interest of people with shitty connections (because if you’re in the market for internet, your current internet is probably not satisfactory). But lightweight doesn’t have to mean ugly, thanks to HTML5, so expect some drop shadows and rounded corners to hit eventually.

More importantly, I’m going to switch it to using BottlePy as a backend tomorrow, rather than working as a static site. I’ve used BottlePy with gevent before, and that’s the plan again now, so combined with nginx, I can expect my site to have a pretty high capacity for traffic and will not take forever to set up. This also means being able to add more pages to the site in a sane and easy way, using templating. Eventually, it’ll make me a lot more free to do fun stuff like transaction handling.

Overall, good day, but I do have my work cut out for me.