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Let's Recreate The Internet Of Freedom!

You Deserve To Share Without Censorship And Tyranny

This is my first banner and I'm gonna leave it on the walls of my college, in the hall of my home, on some trees in the nearest park and somewhere else heh ;)

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  • P.S. #1 I live in Saint Petersburg (Russia) P.S. #2 This banner was created on my GNU/Linux-libre machine with the help of GIMP Image Editor and LibreOffice Writer.

    -- All text was created in GIMP (they are little .png pictures actually) The background was inspired by http://media.jpope.org/ (It's simply a zoomed version) I put it all together in Writer, exported it to .pdf and then converted it to .png using 'convert' command (a member of the ImageMagick suite of tools)

    *I prefer keeping .pdf because I guess it would be more comfortable for some copying studious.. I don't have my own printer

  • QR code was created by non-free website I don't want to advertise (I promise to avoid the use of such generators in the future)

  • WoW! I've just searched for 'qr code https://www.mediagoblin.org' using DuckDuckGo and it generated one for me! Awesome!

  • https://github.com/mstratman/HTML-Barcode-QRCode

  • backend: https://metacpan.org/pod/Barcode::Code93

  • This may be interesting too: https://metacpan.org/pod/GD::Barcode::Code93 https://metacpan.org/search?q=qr+code

  • This toys can be distributed under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License

  • Have Fun :)

  • That's really cool! Speaking of decentralized networks, do you happen to have an account on a GNU Social (or Mastodon) instance?

    I adore MediaGoblin, and although it's great software, it's still early in development and far from perfect. The two big things I'd love to see changed are

    1). A "Follow" & "Like" method

    2). Some more instances (Roaming Initiative is great, but a long URL like http://www.roaming-initiative.com/mediagoblin/u/nickylodeon is a little bit long.)

    I'd love to contribute to the code, but I have 0 Python skills, I'd host a server but I'm pretty broke at the moment... However, without a doubt, in time MebiaGoblin is sure to become mainstream! (And I sure hope a lot of people check out those posters ;) )

  • Thank you!

    do you happen to have an account on a GNU Social (or Mastodon) instance? -- no, but I definitely will join a GNU Social ;) A "Follow" & "Like" method -- indeed Well, this is just a question of time URL is a little bit long -- I will host my ~own~ server, but they are still lots of things to learn

  • Mastodon looks interesting as well :)


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